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Student Council

Student Council

The MPETSS student council is a dedicated group of students who work together to enhance our school environment. Democratically elected by their peers, they organize events, attentively listen to students' suggestions, and advocate for our collective interests. The student council serves as a pillar of our school community, consistently striving to foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Voting has taken place and the newly elected reps for 2023/24 are listed below.

Camilla Bonsignori: 1-A

Dylan Brennan: 1-B

Matthew Toner: 1-C

Danaishe Chiza: 1-D

Kirill Custiuc: 1-E

Sophia Curtis: 1-F

Noah Fitzsimons Flynn: 2-A

Sophia Keegan: 2-B

Yael Mendelsohn:2-C

Mayra Bhasin: 2-D

Nishad Jambukar: 2-E

Vivienne Hechter: 2-F

Ellie D’Arcy Courteny: Grandin

Carolina Gallagher: 3-A

Andrew Moore: 3-B

Namya Chawla: 3 -C

Helena Guevara: 3-D

David Jalaru: T.Y.-A

Sophie Patry: 5-LCA

Tiernan Fagan: 5-A

Alisa Ivanova: 5-B

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