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Partnership with The Gaiety School of Acting.

Partnership with The Gaiety School of Acting.


In 2021-22, we will partner with GSA. This will be a 'Learner focused project', on the impact of digital science and emerging technology on learning in the classroom, with a particular regard to literacy and drama, providing educators with tools to competently use new technologies in the classroom in a holistic manner.

This project is a direct response to The Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027). The focus will be on creating a creative drama based digital tool/portal and methodology that focuses on equity in education for all learners regardless of ability or background and using a design that is grounded in Universal Design for learning. As a framework, UDL acknowledges that every student has different needs, interests, and requirements for learning. Therefore, curriculum, instruction and assessment should be adaptable by both the teacher and student.

Fashion the Identity

In 2018-19, we engaged in a partnership with The Gaiety School of Acting. It was a wonderful experience. The project was entitled 'Fashion the Identity', a theme which was born out of the diverse cultural, ethnic, religious backgrounds of all of our school community.

The students participated in drama workshops, created art work representing their own personal stories about their lives, impacts on them growing up, elements of everyday life around them etc. We hosted a showcase in the Riasc Centre, attended by their families, councillors, TDs, members of the Board of Directors and community of Educate Together. It was a phenomenal success.

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