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Transfers: SECOND - FIFTH YEAR 2022/23

Applications to transfer are at the following link

Admissions will be applicable to our admissions criteria as set out in the admissions policy && Admissions Notice (link below)

Please note that waiting lists expire at the end of each academic year

22/23 Admissions Policy

Each year, the Admissions Policy will be reviewed and adapted. It will then be released for the following academic year.

For example: The Admissions Policy for 2021/22 will be reviewed and adapted and a new Admissions Policy for 2022/23 uploaded to our website before October 1st for the purpose of admissions for that academic year.

22/23 Admissions Notice

Catchment Map

First Year 2022/23

Offers have been made to 1st year for 2022/23. If places become available from the existing places accepted, further offers will be made to our waiting list applicants in accordance with our Admissions Policy (link below)

Late applications for 2022/23 1st Year only can be made at this link:

Admissions 2023-24

Applications for 1st Year 2023-24 will open in October 2022. Admission will be in strict accordance to the admissions policy.
We regret that no applications can be taken before that time.

Aug 29
1st Year School Start
Aug 31
1st Year School
Sep 01
1st Year School
Sep 02
1st Year School
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