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MPETSS Covid 19 Response

MPETSS Covid 19 Response

To ensure physical distancing which involves both increasing separation and decreasing interaction, the following new procedures will apply:

  • Each year group will be designated an entrance/exit. In addition to this, a one way system will be introduced for all school corridors.

  • On entering their designated buildings/classrooms, students have a sanitizer at every door. If there are issues with reactions to the sanitizer in the school, they may have their own sanitizer in their bag.

  • Students may enter the school building from 8:20 There will be no access for students before 8:20am. If students arrive before this time, they must adhere to 2m social distancing whilst waiting.

  • Students will remain in base classrooms and will not move from class to class except to use specialist rooms. We have a management system in place for when students are in option classes, to allocate seats and minimise interaction.

  • Rooms have been set up with 1m distance between students in accordance with DES guidelines. Each student will be assigned a desk.. Important that no one changes seat.

  • Students will take their break/lunch in the outdoor areas. In the case of bad weather, students will remain in their base classroom to minimise interaction with other class groups. When outside during break, they will need to keep to the social distancing requirements.

  • Toilet access will be managed by staff to avoid congregation in these areas

  • In the interests of health and safety students will not be allowed to share personal equipment. Students must also bring their own water bottles to school as sharing of bottles will not be permitted.

  • Students will have access to their lockers at staggered times to reduce interaction, we will go through this with them when they return.

  • Students will have a greater responsibility now to maintain a clean environment in their classrooms and in general purpose areas. Students will also have a greater responsibility to adhere to the Positive Behaviour Policy, including the additions to this policy made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Students are encouraged to walk/cycle/scoot to school where possible.

  • There can be no non-essential visitors to the school. If parents/guardians need to meet any staff member, or visit the school office for any reason, an appointment must be made in advance to arrange this.

  • All cleaning schedules will be in accordance with DES guidelines.

  • For drop off and collection of students- The main school car park is for staff only and students with a disability requiring access to the Disabled carparking spaces. Parents/guardians are asked to park in the Liam Rodgers Community Centre car park, outside of the main school campus gates.

Face Coverings

Under current advice from the DES, all students and staff are required to wear face coverings where 2m social distancing cannot be maintained.

All students are required to bring a clean mask to school each day, as well as a spare mask which must be kept safely in their bags. We will not be able to supply masks.

Students will be shown a video in school, recommended by the Department of Education, about the correct wearing of masks.

We are asking all parents/guardians to please read through our information carefully with their child before they return to school

There is some really useful advice here from Barnardos for both parents and children on how to prepare for the transition back to school.

If you have particular concerns about the return to school you can share them with us via this Form, all responses are confidential.

We will need to work together as a school community to minimise the risk of Covid 19 and we greatly appreciate your ongoing support. We will provide further information on agreed procedures as they arise. With this in mind, we remind you that students returning from a country which is not on the Government’s Green List must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to school – please keep informed of any changes/updates to this list.

NO STUDENT SHOULD ATTEND SCHOOL IF THEY OR ANY MEMBER OF THEIR FAMILY HAVE SYMPTOMS OF COVID 19. (I sent the link to the HSE Guidelines for if a child has symptoms-could we create the link here? yes)

The Department is conscious that there may be some pupils for whom return to school at the end of August may not be appropriate because the relevant public health guidelines indicate they are ‘at very high risk’. If this is the case with your son/daughter, can you please fill in the form which you will find at the following link.

The following links provide easy to follow information & our MPETSS COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable running of our school.

MPETSS Covid Response Plan - 27th August 2020

MPETSS Covid Advice One Pager

HSE Return To School Form

Chronic symptoms Parental Declaration Form

Schools Pathway for COVID-19 - the Public Health approach.pdf What if child has symptoms

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