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Transition Year Activities


On Friday the 4th of March 2022 Alex Walsh from Personal Safety Ireland came in to talk about self defence and how our society and younger generations talk to people, especially in relation to how women are spoken to by men. We were surprised to have Alex come in rather than our usual classes on that day, he came in for 3 hours on that day, I personally really enjoyed the talk/speech that he gave on that day, it was rather informative and we learnt quite a bit about our society and what has become of people and of a few self-defensive manoeuvres to separate yourself from your attacker. I would not have changed a thing if I had the option to as I feel the experience was rather well made, overall I give the experience a 10/10 (AV)


Science in TY will give students a chance to explore a range of topics associated with Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Some topics we will cover include communication in science, science of sport, medicinal science, forensic science, environmental science and science of the Universe. Students will experience learning some leaving certificate content in a real life context.
Students will also be developing skills such as, problem solving, communication and resilience which are all required at leaving certificate level. Simultaneously, they will gain insight into what area of science they are most interested in.

Their assessment is continuous and will be an assortment of tasks and projects. Students will be encouraged to work creatively with an emphasis on communication throughout these projects.

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