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Classical treats

Classical treats

Earlier this term our students of Classics enjoyed a Roman dinner party. There were a number of delicious foods on offer such as stuffed dormice and animal brains! There was also sponge cake and peas cake, olive oil, olives (green and red), cheese and wheaten crackers, grapes and garum sauce (famous Roman fish sauce made from the insides of fish).

Students played a game which would have been played in Ancient Rome. One person had to close their eyes and the rest of the group got some food and disguised it. The blindfolded person then had to taste the food and guess what food it was! As you can see from the photos, a great time was had by all. Many thanks to our Classics teacher Louise for organising this fun and educational treat.

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On Tuesday 14th March, our 2nd year Classics students attended Classics Day in UCD.
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